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Commitment to locally sourced products and delicacies along with direct, fair-trade, organic and shade grown coffee is the basis of our community-focused mission.

Coffee Commitment

We are dedicated to sourcing direct trade, fair trade, organic and shade grown beans. Direct trade and fair trade coffee ensures growers are given a fair market value for their crop. This ultimately leads to a better product for you. You can sip our coffee knowing that we are committed to fair practices.

Buy Local

As a proud supporter of local food sourcing, we provide a wide selection of homemade baked goods on a daily basis. Our in house bakers create a fresh assortment of unique pastries and savory treats including wheat free and vegan options - you can always count on a variety of freshness. Additionally, we use Cedar Valley's famous Hansen’s Dairy products in our drinks.

Music and Visual Art

Cup of Joe is proud to provide an avenue for budding visual and musical artists alike. Our walls are never the same, as the art is rotated every six weeks. Local musicians provide weekly entertainment through various performances. A COJ tradition, jazz by Hands of Time Quartet fills the air in our shop every Thursday evening. On Friday and Saturday evenings, you will find an ever-changing lineup of live music. (All music events are from 8-9:30pm)


Support of charitable organizations and commitment to the community we live and work in are the founding principles of Cup of Joe. These philosophies continue to be at the forefront of our business endeavors. With donations to charities such as the American Cancer Society, Iowa Women’s Foundation’s Chicks for Change, Cedar River Festival, Community Main Street Events, Local Schools, and the University of Northern Iowa, we have a strong history of local support and are proud to help others thrive in the Cedar Valley.

Green Commitment

Cup of Joe is committed to practices that reduce our waste output through various measures. Recycling our milk cartons, glass, cardboard, and donating coffee grounds to local vegetable gardens to name a few.