cup of joe – cedar falls, iowa 319.277.1596
Established in 1995, Cup of Joe is a cornerstone of the downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa cultural district.

As cookie-cutter coffee establishments appear on every corner, we continue to be a permanent and unique gem in the community. Two simple principles sustain us:
customer-focused service and commitment to quality. These goals are why we opened our doors and are now ingrained in our long business history.

Designed with 1950s flair and a vibrant color palette, our espresso bar is truly one-of-a-kind. Rarely the same place twice, ever-changing vintage furniture and mid-century décor inspires and comforts, while vintage mannequins adorned with thrift-shop fashion-finds greet you. An abundant stock of periodicals and board games ensure hours of fun.

Whether to study, relax, or catch-up with friends, we invite you to visit us and fully soak in our unique creation.